Yogyakarta Open Studio (YOS) is an annual art event that showcases the diversity of creative practice in Yogyakarta and the ways in which artists use their spaces to define artistic vision, build community and negotiate with the outside world. Studios throughout the city function as participating venues in which individual artists present their work, while simultaneously hosting that of other artists. Established in 2013, YOS looks at the way studios function in the Indonesian art scene: as places to work, but also as sites of cultural negotiation, as international meeting points for friend and colleagues to organize art activities, and as administrative centers for complex, demanding careers. YOS-15 will focus on ARCHIVES as historical documentation vital to creating Indonesian art history. Diverse archival material such as photos, catalogs, invitations, posters, correspondence, sketches, etc. are created and held in artists’ private collections. By displaying artists’ archives within the context of the studio, YOS-15 supports discourse about the role of artists in creating infrastructure and influencing the historical narratives about contemporary Indonesian art. Artists will present their archives, alongside artwork, as both a repository of memory and as data or evidence essential to understanding the current conditions in the Indonesia contemporary art scene.